Terms of Service

Terms of Service (for general members using products, services, etc.)

Article 1 (Purpose)

  1. These Terms and Conditions apply to NAMCHON FARM CO., LTD. operated online shopping mall 'https://bokiyo.com/' (hereinafter referred to as the 'Service'), the purpose of which is to stipulate the rights, obligations and responsibilities of the parties in using the Service. 
  2. These Terms and Conditions shall also apply to e-commerce using PC communication, wireless, etc. unless contrary to their nature.

Article 2 (Definition)

  1. 'Company' means, 'NAMCHON FARM CO., LTD.' operates a fictitious place of business set up to trade goods and services using information and communication facilities such as computers to provide goods or services to users, and furthermore, 'https://bokiyo.com/'.  
  2. 'User' refers to members and non-members who access the 'Site' and receive the services provided by the 'Company' in accordance with these Terms. 
  3. 'Member' refers to a person who has provided personal information to the Company and registered as a member and can continue to use the Company's services.
  4. 'Non-member' refers to a person who uses the services provided by the 'Company' without registering as a member.
  5. 'Goods' refers to goods or services provided through the 'Site'. 
  6. 'Buyer' refers to 'members' and 'non-members' who have subscribed to use the purchase service for the 'Goods' provided by the 'Company'. 

Article 3 (Non-Terms and Conditions)

Anything not set forth in these Terms and Conditions is subject to change.Matters not set forth in these Terms shall be governed by the provisions of laws and regulations or the individual terms, operating policies, and rules of the Service (hereinafter referred to as "Detailed Guidelines") established by the Company. In the event of a conflict between these Terms and the Detailed Guidelines, the Detailed Guidelines shall prevail. 

Article 4 (Specification and Amendment of Terms)

  1. The 'Company' shall post the contents of these Terms and Conditions, the name of the company and representative, the location of the business office, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address, business registration number, and e-commerce business registration number on the initial service screen of the 'Company' homepage so that users can easily recognize them. However, the contents of these Terms and Conditions can be checked by the 'User' through the connection screen. 
  2. 'Company' seeks confirmation from the 'User' through a separate connection screen or pop-up screen so that the 'User' can understand the contents such as subscription withdrawal, delivery responsibility, and refund conditions among the contents stipulated in the Terms and Conditions before the 'User' agrees to the Terms and Conditions. 
  3. 'Company' may amend these Terms and Conditions to the extent that they do not violate relevant laws (hereinafter referred to as 'relevant laws') such as the 'Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce', 'Act on Regulation of Terms and Conditions', 'Electronic Transactions Basic Act', 'Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization', and 'Consumer Protection Act'.
  4. If the 'Company' intends to revise these Terms, it shall specify the date of application and the reason for the revision and notify it on the initial screen of the online shopping mall along with the current Terms from 7 days before the date of application to the day before the date of application. However, if the terms and conditions are changed to the disadvantage of the 'user', a grace period of at least 30 days shall be provided.
  5. If the 'Company' revises these Terms and Conditions, the revised terms and conditions shall only apply to contracts concluded after the effective date, and the pre-amendment terms and conditions shall apply to contracts concluded before the effective date. However, if the 'User' who has already concluded a contract communicates to the 'Company' that he/she wishes to be subject to the contents of the revised Terms and Conditions and the 'Company' agrees to it, the revised Terms and Conditions shall apply.
  6. Matters not provided for in these Terms and Conditions and the interpretation of these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by relevant laws and sound business practices.

Article 5 (Services Provided)

'Company' provides the following services.

  1. Providing information on goods or services and concluding purchase contracts
  2. Delivery of the goods or services for which a purchase contract has been concluded
  3. Provision of other information such as payment protection services, user inquiry services, and product reviews
  4. Events provided directly or jointly with affiliates, etc.
  5. Other tasks determined by the 'Company'

Article 6 (Interruption of Services)

  1. The services provided by the 'Company' shall be provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year in principle. However, if there is a special reason, such as inspection for maintenance and repair of the Company's system or replacement of communication equipment, temporary suspension of all or part of the service may occur.
  2. 'Company' may restrict or suspend all or part of the Service in the event of unavoidable reasons such as wars, events, natural disasters or national emergencies, or the suspension of telecommunications services by a long-term telecommunications carrier under the Telecommunications Business Act.
  3. 'Shopping Mall' may change the contents of the goods or services to be provided under a contract to be concluded in the future if the goods or services are out of stock or the details are changed. In this case, we will immediately notify you by specifying the contents of the changed goods or services and the date of delivery.
  4. If the 'Company' suspends or restricts the use of the service, we will notify the 'User' without delay of the reason, period, and scheduled date of recovery.

Article 7 (Membership)

  1. When the 'Company' suspends or restricts the use of the Service, it shall notify the 'User' without delay. The 'User' applies for membership by filling in the membership information according to the form prescribed by the 'Company' and indicating that he/she agrees to these Terms and Conditions.
  2. The 'Company' shall register as a 'Member' among the 'Users' who have applied for membership in accordance with the preceding paragraph unless there are any of the following reasons:
    1. If the applicant has lost membership in accordance with these Terms. However, an exception is made for cases where the 'Company' has obtained the approval to rejoin.
    2. If there are any incomplete parts such as falsehoods, omissions, or errors in the membership information. If it is recognized that registering as a member will significantly interfere with the operation of the'Company'
  3. The time of membership shall be the time when the'Company's membership acceptance notice reaches the'Member'. 

Article 8 (Membership withdrawal and disqualification, etc.

  1. The 'Member' may request withdrawal from the 'Company' at any time, and the 'Company' shall process the withdrawal request without delay. However, if it is necessary to fulfill an already concluded transaction contract, these Terms and Conditions will continue to apply.
  2. The 'shopping mall' may restrict or suspend the qualification of the 'company' if any of the following reasons occur. 
    1. In case of false information when registering
    2. In case of interfering with the normal use of other users;
    3. If you engage in behavior prohibited by applicable laws or these Terms 
    4. If you engage in behavior that violates public order and morals
    5. Other cases where it is deemed inappropriate to register as a 'Member'
  3. For 'Members' who do not use the 'Company's' services for one year, we may convert them to a dormant account and restrict their use of the service.
  4. When converting to a dormant account, the remaining information required for account activation, such as ID, password, name, identification value (DI) to prevent duplicate registration, and mobile phone number, will be stored and managed separately. However, if it is required to be preserved by relevant laws and regulations, the 'Company' will keep the member information for a specified period of time.

Article 9 (Notification to Members)

  1. The 'Company' may notify the 'Member' by using the e-mail, mobile phone number, address, etc. specified in the 'Member's' registration. 
  2. If the 'Company' wishes to notify an unspecified number of 'Members', it may replace individual notifications by posting them on the bulletin board of the 'Site' for more than one week. However, individual notifications will be made for matters that are important for 'members' to use the service. 

Article 10 (Purchase Application)

The 'User' shall use the 'Site' to make a purchase.The 'User' may apply for purchase on the online shopping mall according to the following method or similar method, and the 'Company' shall provide the contents of the following items for the 'User' in an easy-to-understand manner. 

  1. Search and selection of goods or services
  2. Input of purchaser information such as name, address, contact information, e-mail address
  3. . Confirmation and consent to the contents of the terms and conditions, services limited to withdrawal of subscription, and contents related to cost burden such as shipping fee
  4. Application and confirmation of purchase of goods or services;
  5. Selection of payment method and payment
  6. Final confirmation by the 'Company'

Completion of Contract</pArticle 11 (Establishment of Contract)

  1. 'Company' may not accept a purchase application under the 'Purchase Application' clause of these Terms and Conditions if there are any of the following reasons.
    1. If there are any falsehoods, omissions, or errors in the application
    2. If the customer whose membership is restricted or suspended applies for purchase
    3. If it is recognized that the customer applies for purchase through resale or other fraudulent methods or purposes.
    4. If it is recognized that approving other purchase applications will cause significant interference with the Company's technology
  2. The contract is deemed to have been established when the Company's approval reaches the user in the form of a 'receipt confirmation notice' of these Terms.
  3. When the 'Company' expresses its intention to accept, it shall include information regarding the confirmation and availability of the user's purchase application, correction and cancellation of the purchase application, etc. 

Article 12 (Payment Methods and Fees for General Membership)

  1. Payment for products purchased from the 'Company's' 'Site' can be made by the following methods.
    1. Phone banking, Internet banking, and other various account transfer
  2. 'Company' may verify whether the 'Buyer' has the rightful use of the payment method, and may suspend the transaction until the verification is completed, or cancel the transaction if it cannot be verified.
  3. Check whether the user has the right to use the payment method according to the Company's policy and the standards of the payment provider (mobile operator, card company, etc.) or payment gateway (PG), and stop the transaction until the confirmation is completed, or cancel the transaction if the confirmation cannot be made.
  4. The cumulative monthly payment and top-up limit per Buyer may be limited according to the Company's policies and the standards of the payment provider (mobile operator, card company, etc.) or payment processor (PG).
  5. The Buyer is solely responsible for the information entered for payment or settlement.
  6. General members shall pay service usage fees in exchange for the use of the Company's services, such as fees, membership fees, etc. at the time of purchase of each product or separately according to the rates or standards set by the Company. 

Article 13 (Notification of receipt, change and cancellation of purchase application)

  1. 'Company' shall send a receipt confirmation notice to 'Buyer' when 'Buyer' applies for purchase.
  2. The 'Buyer' who has received the receipt confirmation notice may request a change or cancellation of the purchase application immediately after receiving the receipt confirmation notice if there is a discrepancy in the expression of intention, and the 'Company' shall change or cancel the request without delay if there is a request from the 'Buyer' before preparing for delivery. However, if the payment has already been made, it shall be as stipulated in 'Subscription withdrawal, etc.' of these Terms and Conditions. 

Article 14 (Supply of Goods, etc.

  1. ) Unless otherwise agreed, the 'Company' shall take other necessary measures such as customization, packaging, etc. to deliver the Goods within 7 days from the date the 'Buyer' makes the order. However, if the 'Company' has already received all or part of the payment, it shall take the necessary measures within 3 business days from the date of receipt of the payment.
  2. In the case of the preceding paragraph, the 'Company' shall take appropriate measures so that the 'Buyer' can check the supply procedure and progress of the goods, etc. 

Article 15 (Reimbursement)

The 'Company' shall notify the 'Buyer' without delay if the 'Goods' requested by the 'Buyer' cannot be delivered or provided due to reasons such as out of stock, production suspension, etc. If the 'Buyer' has paid for the 'Goods' at this time, the 'Company' shall refund the payment or take necessary measures within 3 business days from the date of receipt of the payment. 

Article 16 (Withdrawal of Subscription)

  1. The 'Company' and the 'Buyer' shall notify the 'Buyer' of the reason. The 'Buyer' who has concluded a contract with the 'Company' for the purchase of goods, etc. may withdraw his/her subscription within  7 days from the date of receiving the notice of receipt confirmation.
  2. Return or exchange of the delivered goods is restricted if any of the following reasons apply.
    1. If the Goods are lost or damaged for reasons attributable to the Buyer (except for cases where the packaging, etc. is damaged in order to identify the Goods)
    2. . If the value of the Goods has been significantly reduced due to the use or consumption of the Buyer 
    3. If the value of the Goods has been significantly reduced to the extent that resale is difficult over time 
    4. . If the packaging of the original good is damaged if it can be duplicated with a good with the same performance, etc. 
    5. If the goods are individually produced by order of the 'buyer' and the limitation of withdrawal and exchange is notified in advance.nbsp;
  3. If the 'Company' does not specify the reason for the restriction of withdrawal of subscription in the preceding paragraph in a manner that is easy for the 'Buyer' to understand, or does not take measures such as providing a trial product, the 'Buyer's' withdrawal of subscription shall not be restricted.
  4. Notwithstanding the provisions of this Article, if the contents of the Goods are different from the contents of the display or advertisement or are performed differently from the contract, the 'Buyer' may withdraw the subscription within 3 months from the date of delivery of the Goods and within 30 days from the date of knowing or being able to know the fact. 

Article 17 (Effect of withdrawal of subscription)

  1. When the 'Company' receives a return of goods, etc. from the 'Buyer', the 'Company' shall refund the price of goods, etc. already paid within 3 business days. If the 'Company' delays in refunding the goods to the 'Buyer', the 'Company' shall pay the delayed interest calculated by multiplying the delayed period by the prescribed rate (15% per annum) of Article 21(3) of the Enforcement Decree of the Electronic Commerce Act.
  2. If the 'Buyer' used a payment method such as credit card or electronic money to refund the above goods, the 'Company' shall request the business that provided the payment method to suspend or cancel the billing of the goods without delay.
  3. In the case of withdrawal of the subscription, the 'Buyer' shall bear the cost of returning the supplied goods. However, if the contents of the goods are different from the contents of the display or advertisement or are performed differently from the contract, the cost of returning the goods shall be borne by the 'Company'.
  4. The 'Company' shall clearly indicate who bears all costs such as shipping costs when canceling the subscription so that the 'Buyer' can easily understand. 

Article 18 (Privacy)

  1. 'Company' collects only the minimum information necessary for the fulfillment of the purchase contract, including the following essentials, when collecting information from 'Buyer'.
    1. Name
    2. Resident registration number or alien registration number
    3. . Address
    4. Phone number (or cell phone number)
    5. Identification (ID)
    6. password
    7. e-mail address
  2. When the Company collects uniquely identifiable information and sensitive information under the Personal Information Protection Act, the Company must obtain the consent of the subject.
  3. The 'Company' shall not use the provided personal information for any purpose or provide it to a third party without the consent of the 'Buyer', and the 'Company' shall bear all responsibility for this. However, the following cases are exceptions. 
    1. In the case of providing the minimum information (name, address, phone number) necessary for delivery to the delivery company for delivery business
    2. In the case of providing the information in a form that cannot identify a specific individual as necessary for statistical compilation, academic research, or market research
    3. .Necessary for the settlement of payments for transactions involving goods or services
    4. Necessary to verify identity for the prevention of fraud
    5. .In accordance with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations
  4. The matters related to personal information protection other than those described in this Agreement shall be governed by the Company's 'Privacy Policy'.   

Article 19 (Obligations of the 'Company')

  1. The 'Company' shall comply with applicable laws and regulations. The 'Company' shall not engage in any act prohibited by relevant laws and regulations, these Terms and Conditions, or contrary to public order and morals, and shall do its best to provide goods and services continuously and stably in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.
  2. 'Company' shall have a security system to protect personal information (including credit information) so that 'Users' can safely use the Internet service.
  3. 'Company' shall be responsible for compensating 'Users' for damages caused by unfair display or advertisement of products in accordance with Article 3 of the Act on Fairness of Display and Advertising.
  4. 'Company' shall not send commercial e-mails, cell phone messages, telephone calls, mail, etc. for commercial purposes without the consent of 'Users'. 

Article 20 (Obligations of Users and Members)

  1. 'Users' shall fill out the application form based on facts when applying for membership. If you register false or other people's information, you cannot claim any rights against the 'Company', and the 'Company' shall not be liable for any damages caused by this.
  2. The 'User' shall comply with the matters stipulated in these Terms and Conditions and other regulations and notices set by the 'Company'. In addition, the 'User' shall not engage in any act that interferes with the work of the 'Company' or defames the 'Company'.
  3. The 'User' shall immediately correct any changes to the membership information, such as address, contact information, and e-mail address. The 'User' shall be responsible for any liability arising from the failure or neglect to correct the changed information.
  4. 'Users' shall not engage in any of the following acts.
    1. Change the information posted on the 'Company'
    2. Send or post information other than the information prescribed by the 'Company'
    3. .
    4. Infringement of intellectual property rights such as copyrights of the 'Company' and third parties
    5. Defamation of the 'Company' and third parties or interference with the work of the 'Company' and third parties
    6. .nbsp;
    7. The act of disclosing or posting obscene or violent messages, images, voices, and other information contrary to relevant laws and public order and morals on the 'Company's' 'Site' 
  5. 'Members' must manage their own ID and password.
  6. If the 'Member' becomes aware that his/her ID and password have been stolen or are being used by a third party, he/she must immediately notify the 'Company' and follow the instructions.

Article 21 (Attribution and Use of Copyright)

  1. The services provided by the 'shopping mall' and all intellectual property rights related to them belong to the 'company'
  2. 'Users' shall not reproduce, transmit, publish, distribute, broadcast, or otherwise use for commercial purposes, or cause a third party to use, information that has intellectual property rights to the'shopping mall' without prior consent.
  3. The copyright of the contents (hereinafter referred to as 'Contents') such as posts and reviews posted by 'Users' within the Service shall belong to the author of such 'Contents'. 

Article 22 (Resolution of Disputes)

  1. The 'Company' shall endeavor to handle complaints and opinions raised by 'Users' without delay. However, if it is difficult to process promptly, the 'User' will be notified immediately of the reason and the processing schedule. 
  2. In the event of a dispute between the 'Company' and the 'User' regarding e-commerce, the 'User' may apply for mediation to a dispute mediation organization such as the Korea Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Electronic Documents and Electronic Transaction Dispute Mediation Committee.
  3. The court with jurisdiction over the location of the 'Company' shall be the court of first instance for any dispute between the 'Company' and the 'User', and the governing law shall be the laws of the Republic of Korea. 


Article 1 (Effective Date)

These Terms shall be effective from 2023.10.30 and shall apply from